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Henryk A Kowalczyk Wrote: 11 hours ago (8:29 AM)
Mr. Tatro does not know what the free market is, and in his ignorance he belives that it is bad. Even more, he does not know that the personal freedom, including freedom of migration built America we know and are proud of. Legalizing currently illegal immigrants an allowing other to come here legaly is the simplest way to overcome our economic crisis. Motives of President Obama can be questioned; the decision is the right one. www.freedomofmigration.com.
Bull. In Canada foreign born are 20% of population; in U.S. it is only 13%, including illegal immigrants. For the last twenty years, Canadian economy is doing better than the U.S. one. It coincides with “protecting the borders”. In order to give economy a boost, we need to at least double the number of legal immigrants for the next five to ten years.
Why these laws are on the books to begin with?
The splendid isolation will never come back. We have global economy, regardless you like it or not. If you really do not want to compete with people abroad, then put your effort where the real problem is. Cut off all foreign trade. Begin with delegalizing import from China. Cancel all traveling abroad, except for those who gen get a special government issue permit . Disconnect all international phone lines and all international internet connections. This is the only effective way to protect Americans from competing with workers worldwide.
They produce more than they take.
There is a law of commoditization of once prominent professions. Software programmers are the best example. Forty years ago, there were not too any of them, very few good ones. Now there are millions of them, plenty of good ones. Why U.S. government should use my money to make Microsoft paying more Americans software programmers, if there are millions in India willing to work for less? If those American programmers are any good, they can find a profitable niche for themselves. It is ridiculous to expect that the government should have duty to provide gainful employment in the profession Americans chose.
Our immigration law originates from the same times and the same thinking that brought Prohibition. Similarly, it classifies as illegal otherwise mutually beneficial and moral activity as two free men getting into a labor contract. Do you know that it could be easily challenged as unconstitutional? Do you know why it is not challenged? http://www.freedomofmigration.com
Your argument is a typical socialistic wishy-washy. Competition is the best way to get Americans up to speed. Is it anything wrong with competition? Give me one reason why government shout use my or your tax money to protect other Americans from competition of foreigners?
Ms. Harrison does know what she is writing about. You do. You are a common socialist who believes that government should have the right to tell otherwise free Americans whom they should be allowed to hire or not. In your world, the free American should have no right to decide whom he or she should be allowed to hire. In your world, the smart government should ask researchers from various institutions you list, what workers American employers need, and then should tell these employers to hire them. You are for planned economy, which I experienced when growing up in the Soviet Bloc. You are for changing the U.S.A. into the S.U.A (Soviet Union of America). The responsibility of Republicans is not to protect lazy American workers from the competitions of foreigners who are willing to work harder for less. The responsibility of Republicans is to have the courage and integrity to tell American workers that the only way they can get better is by getting new skills, improving work ethic and being able to win competition with workers anywhere else in the whole world.
They pay Social Security taxes, they will never use. They saved your Social Security.
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