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The Need to Explain

Henry_VlIl Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 3:16 AM
Miscreant Republicans say of Obama's birth certificate, "Regardless, the point is and always has been that the material Obama has presented is widely held to be fake, and Obama has pulled every legal trick to avoid even modest disclosure. The concealment suggests guilt, or complete disrespect for American people at the very least." Yes, and Germans in the 1920's "widely held" the belief that someone, other than themselves, (of course) was the cause of Germany losing WWI. And the Jews in 1930's Germany never presented proper evidence that they did not cause Germany to lose WWI. Giving Republican-think credence to Adolf Hitler's claim that the Jews caused the defeat of Germany in WWI. I say Republican thought is BS!
mhughes962 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 8:44 AM
It would be more accurate of a comparison to say that the NAZIs resembled the Dem demagogery of the upper class and the "evil" wealthy. Scape goats have been used to rile the masses numerous times in history against certain groups; such as Germany, Cambodia, N Korea, Former Rhodesia current Zimbabway under Robbert Mogambi ect. the fact that questions about th birth certificate were never handled properly nor put to rest/verified in a convincing way is indicative of either a cover up or general antipathy for the electorate. Printing funny T-shirts is not evidence...

The most successful Republican presidential candidate of the past half century-- Ronald Reagan, who was elected and reelected with landslide victories-- bore little resemblance to the moderate candidates that Republican conventional wisdom depicts as the key to victory, even though most of these moderate candidates have in fact gone down to defeat.

One of the biggest differences between Reagan and these latter-day losers was that Reagan paid great attention to explaining his policies and values. He was called "the great communicator," but much more than a gift for words was involved. The issues that defined Reagan's vision were things he...