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Sex and the Generals

Henry_VlIl Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 7:07 PM
Republicans say "While you gratuitously lay the Medicare Prescription Plan off on Bush, please note that it passed with Democrat votes." Let me be crystal clear with all my conservative friends out there. Obamacare passed with Republican votes!
Sex remains the surest prop for all that is funny ... and sad. In the first instance, we often call the result ribaldry. In the second instance, it is always called tragedy.

General David Petraeus has, in war, been a hero. In public service, too, he was a national asset. But toward the end of his soldiering, his life is now cast in doubt. As the head of CIA, the doubt has increased. Almost certainly, as director of central intelligence, he was no Dick Helms or Bill Casey. Those names from a better era illuminate the dreariness of this tawdry episode, and...