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Angry Obama Dares GOP To "Go After Me" Instead of Susan Rice on Benghazi

Henry_VIIl Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 2:02 AM
SPECIAL ALERT! ALL TAKE NOTICE!! SPECIAL ALERT Obama has declared the entire coastline of Texas to be special sovereign territory of the USSA!!! Does Texas have any large naval bases? Too bad!! The USSA Navy plans to quickly seize control all territory now named the "Padre Island National Seashore" by order of special decree Directive 13A. It looks like Texas can kiss all those oil rigs in the Golfo de Mexico......ADIOS! Besame Mucho, mi amor.

If Susan Rice knew nothing about Benghazi as Obama declares here, why did Obama send her (as he informs us here) on every Sunday talk show to speak on behalf of the his administration? And by the way Mr. President Straw Man, we have been "coming after you" about Benghazi but you have told us nothing.