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Clown troll. Violence is historically a tool of the left.
Yes Townhall, we know 0ba Ma the pompous tyrant is petty. We know his actions are intended to produce collateral damage. It must be slow news day.
Wow. There's really not much to say about this POS legislation from the old Soviet Union. Violators of the law will serve time in gulags. As if we didn't already know what the insane-left was really about.
Hey Sheila - should we turn in our guns next to the place where the astronauts planted the American flag on Mars?
"If Obama loses in November, ... , is he really willing to leave behind a legacy of a horrible economy and raising taxes on middle class families for short term political gain?" You better believe he is. It's called spite. He doesn't believe his policies are wrong to begin with, and if the American people dare vote the Narcissist in Chief out, they will deserve what they got coming to them.
"Steal" the 2008 presidential election? Uh, no. McCain got whipped pretty soundly, and we're been paying the price ever since. What are you smoking? It must be pretty good stuff.
I hope Ryan absolutely destroys Sir Gaffesalot!
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