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Obama Redux? Welcome to Argentina

Henry_Bowman Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 7:20 PM
Why do you think business are holding their assets in cash? Cash is the least productive asset on the balance sheet but also the least risky. Business is signaling that they are unwilling to risk capital in this environment. If they were confident of the future, that cash would be traded for property, plant, and equipment. That is not happening because of the inept clowns running the government. Time for regime change.

With a second term for Obama, the world-leading America we have known and hoped to leave to our children will be gone. Last Friday's jobs report confirms that Obama is well on his way to transforming America into a third world country, with declining living standards and perpetual economic stagnation.

Argentina enjoyed the world's fourth highest per capita GDP in 1929, on par with America at the time. But then the nation lost its way in embracing a leftist, union allied government, which took control of the economy and imposed wildly irresponsible taxes, spending, deficits, and debt. After World War...