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Go away, and take your jack boots with you.
It is a well known fact that government employees like school teachers abuse children at a much higher rate than clergy.
Ann Colter nails it again! I wish some of her courage would rub off on the likes of McCain and Rove.
Does anyone sell blue helmets for target practice?
Idiots like this tool somehow believe that self defense is some kind of sport where both sides have to have the same level of force. This is the logical extension of their ideal of radical egalitarianism. They refuse to see that there is a fundamental difference between the attacker and the victim. Reality is that the victim is under no obligation to try to preserve the life of the attacker.
You are correct to a point. The great majority of crimes with guns are perpetrated by a minority that has to be protected at all costs. The feral minority youth of the inner city are a direct product of liberalism. Minority women decided that Uncle Sam was a better provider than minority men. The children they raise without a father have no sense of morality or discipline whatsoever. For a real eye opener, watch a few episodes of "Bait Car".
I am so done with Rove.
We should have zero tolerance ... for school officials who are so utterly without comprehension. It scares me that imbeciles like these actually teach children.
Krispie Kreme Kristy has not been invited because he is not a Conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He will declare as a democrat before the next presidential election.
I would advise any young women to break the hell out of these victim disarmament laws. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Demand a jury trial, and let's get nullification started.
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Gun Industry Begins to Fight Back

Henry_Bowman Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 4:59 PM
Your name is already on a list. Count on it.
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