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And you never quoted that section of the constitution that states anything about states seceding, dipsh*it. Lincoln said they couldn't, and half a million lives later, people like you are still saying he got his authority to prevent this - from where?
Sir, I have been telling this very same thing to conservatives in here for months now, and they all seem to think the cops are going to immediately tell the gubmint, the basterds who butter their bread, to shove it! More like they'll do what they're told and shoot people if they have to - rabble rousers, you know. Obama knows this, too. Cops and firemen, especially in big cities, are now mostly minorities and the most overpaid and under worked "civil servants' in the country, and that is saying a mouthful. These guys do not do sheet, and I know because I used to work with many in a non-governmental capacity. The cushiest jobs on the planet.
There was no confederate army at the time to speak of either, What's your point? That you can't start a war without a fully equipped army in place? Talk about stupid. When wars start, civil or otherwise, armies are raised and equipped - or added to. The goofy point you're essentially making is the North was a lot stronger from the get go, , had more resources and materiel and men, and therefore they HAD to be right because they won! BTW, quote me that section in the constitution where it explicitly states a state, or states, cannot secede from the union.
The wae was purely over states rights, sir, and nothing else. The north won, but so didn't Ceasar.
Says who? The Union Army? Of course they elected a president of their seceded states. Should they have elected a turtle?
Man, you gave it to me in spades! Can I still say that?
If we accept the premise that human are also animals, albeit with a suit and tie, once one faces the incontrovertible fact that it's literally kill or be killed, the inevitably of the drama being played out now will involve human suffering, pain and death on a scale heretofore unimagined. Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant, just like Obama now is, and if it were not for him we would not have half the problems we now have involving unchecked federal power. Where in the constitution does it state that a state[s] cannot secede? The economics of slavery would have taken care of itself and it would have died out. The allegorical north will deliberately ignite the country on fire and make the other states sign their death warrants - once again.
Sir, who told you the unions re OK in and of themselves? That may have been true 80 years ago, but it came to a screeching halt a long time ago. Can you say, UAW? Can you say Jimmy Hoffa? Can you say AFL-CIO? Can you say SEIU. Can you say IBW?
Try infinity.
Clarity, you are truly brilliant. Funny, exceedingly intelligent and without peer, at least on this board, when it comes to writing.
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