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For the first time in my adult life, I am embarrassed to be an American.
I wonder what was the combined carbon footprint was for the 300,000 'protesters'?
After she loses the TX governor seat, this poor excuse of a human will be a perfect fit to replace the awful DWS as the head of the DNC - same shrill, I-am-right about everything and fu attitude.
Teach men not to rape... Teach women to defend themselves... Funny, one of these ideas is personal responsibility, and that is the idea that the Dummocrap left loonie liberal progressive dimmys denigrate.
kmassey - If this traitorous liar were MY child, then I would obviously be on the wrong website, because I prayed in Arabic in the rose garden with the POtuS and only care about afgani kids.
What gallantry - falling on her sword for her commander! (Of course, falling to the left...) :)
Has the ACLU been notified about this 'egregious violation of basic human rights'? What an interesting double standard.
Wonder if the gays are attacking the bakers and dressmakers in Uganda who refuse to do business for a gay wedding......
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