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Media: Actually, This White House Threatens Us All The Time

Hellfire Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 5:00 PM
They are out there. We just fail to properly identify "the good" pool, or properly select "the best". If you want somebody who is all stage presence, then hire and actor. If you want a someone who can pump out legislation, hire an attorney. If you want a good leader, hire someone with a proven track record. If you cannot mentally handle a multivariate problems and cannot distinguish the appropriate variable coefficients, then just hire a bull shitter and convince yourself he is an Idol. Oh, we did that! Never mind.
Robert 206 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 5:57 PM
Boffo! You nailed it! Barack Hussein Obama is America's Idol! He can't sing but he talks in the Chicago gangster argot, threatening his enemies and blaming them for every mistake he makes. Forget the Cosa Nostra, we have the Chicago Gang and they bring every weapon to the fight!

But they know deep down that President Obama still loves them, and that it was kind of even their fault anyway.  The New York Post's  Maureen Callahan chronicles the abusive and intimidating tactics the current administration employs against the press:

This administration is more skilled and disciplined than any other in controlling the narrative, using social media to circumnavigate the press. On the flip side, our YouTube culture means even the slightest gaffe can be devastating, and so you have an army of aides and staffers helicoptering over reporters. Finally, this week, reporters are pushing back....