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They are out there. We just fail to properly identify "the good" pool, or properly select "the best". If you want somebody who is all stage presence, then hire and actor. If you want a someone who can pump out legislation, hire an attorney. If you want a good leader, hire someone with a proven track record. If you cannot mentally handle a multivariate problems and cannot distinguish the appropriate variable coefficients, then just hire a bull shitter and convince yourself he is an Idol. Oh, we did that! Never mind.
You mean you are not a conservative? Why the heck would you come here? That is kind of like a masochistic gay guy wiggling booty in a biker bar. I get it, you like it! Never mind.
Leadership by American Idol. But, in defense of the show they at least narrow the field to people that can sing.
You do realize that you are asking Liberal Progressives to stay on point, don't you? That is an impossibility!
Liberal Progressives are a waste of time to talk too. They can't stay on topic and rarely if ever present anything that is fact based and incorporates logic. Those that are silly enough to show up at a conservative site are nothing but koolaide drinking flunkies that cannot stand the fact that most of the country is getting together to examine the failings and lunacy of their shallowness. The only thing that holds them together is that the script can be followed by a first grader. 1.) Point to Bush 2.) Change the subject, 3.) Return to step one and change the name to Regan. There is only one rule beyond that....Never stay on point or rely solely on the truth.
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