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Um: 49% of Republicans Think the 2012 Election Was Stolen?

helioquois Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 2:58 PM
This from the AP (Jul 2012): BAGHDAD (AP) — Britain will help the Iraqi government dispose of what’s left of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons, still stored in two bunkers in north of Baghdad, the British embassy in Baghdad announced Monday. or the NY Post in Oct 2010: There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after all. The massive cache of almost 400,000 Iraq war documents released by the WikiLeaks Web site revealed that small amounts of chemical weapons were found in Iraq and continued to surface for years after the 2003 US invasion, Wired magazine reported. The documents showed that US troops continued to find chemical weapons and labs for years after the invasion... Some FNC would do ya good!
wtmoore1 Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 3:16 PM
You are talking about small amounts of chemicals that can be used to make weaponry, not large caches of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Those are fundamentally different. Like talking about disposing of a country's 20% enriched uranium vs. disposing of nuclear weapons.

That you think these people are correct shows that you may have had a little too much Fox News to the brain...

Yes, we lost. But I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to say that ACORN stole the election, do you?

PPP's first post election national poll finds that Republicans are taking the results pretty hard...and also declining in numbers.

49% of GOP voters nationally say they think that ACORN stole the election for President Obama. We found that 52% of Republicans thought that ACORN stole the 2008 election for Obama, so this is a modest decline, but perhaps smaller than might have been expected given that ACORN doesn't exist anymore.

Some GOP voters are so unhappy with the...