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How Gays and Women Get In Their Own Way

helioquois Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 9:12 AM
Apparently, the national media has propelled us to the next crisis. First we get the gun-control bleating and now we are back to gay issues. I see where they have teed up Sandra Fluke last week so we can equate medical "treatment" of pregnancy and leukemia, and maybe that will be the issue du jure for February, in addition to Mr. Panetta's gift to the military whereby we will see the wholesale reduction of standards for combat. I am certain with the President's Day holiday coming up, that we will circle back to another conversation on racism and the Founding Father's purported acceptance of slavery. And accountability for economic security on our SW plan to address illegal immigration.

Gays can be leaders. Women can be leaders. Without realizing it, I think gays and women inadvertently work against their own objective of equality when they force private organizations to support gay and female leaders.

As I wrote here, gays and women are already equal before the Constitution, which defines us by our humanity, not by our sexuality, and is silent on most personal matters like marriage. Furthermore, the more the federal government defines our rights, the less free, equal and human we all become.

Here is what generally happens when minority groups confuse social acceptance with equality...