Previous 11 - 20 Next nailed it. A country can only engage on the international game board in 3 ways: diplomatically, militarily or economically. The economy is the foundation for any substantive engagement because it adds credibility to your diplomacy and puts the teeth in your military; meaning you can walk softly, but carry a big stick. The present administration debilitated the US capability to interact abroad because it lacks the means to do so with any economic strength. To cover this weakness, they further weakened the military in the desperate hope that they would have more money available for ideological "social" and "climatology" excesses, leaving us with an unfocused, feckless foreign policy which has aided in global/regional instability. Great article...thank you.
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The President's VA Nonsense

helioquois Wrote: May 31, 2014 3:32 AM
"Instead of offering praise for their industriousness, the chief of surgery reprimanded the doctors and put a stop to their actions. From his perspective, they were not solving a problem but were making federal workers look bad, and creating more work for others." Telling and troubling. Bottom Line: It's only extra work if you don't want to do it...otherwise is it just your job. That's the rub, no one willing to do their job to the best of their capability and within the fullest level of their responsibility.
Strong article,'s going to leave mark.
Hillary is right, according to her statement lodged in the headline: No license necessary to carry, and no registration mandated by government. It is a right, Grandma, not a privilege.
I like the rope better. No brass to police up.
Retribution is sufficient rationale for the death penalty. This case in Oklahoma brings up the issue of execution methodology more than it does the question of whether we should execute or not execute condemned men and women. I am not a fan of convict euthanasia because it involves a process too easy to screw-up. Hanging is better, cleaner, cost effective and does not exceed the "cruel and unusual" punishment criteria. Finally...executing the condemned, as per the wishes of a citizen jury after due process and fair adjudication is accomplished, is not a barbaric act, but the mark of a civilized society.
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The Mainstream Media’s Pot Paranoia

helioquois Wrote: May 05, 2014 3:09 PM
Ms Reisenwitz...there is a Colorado press report about a husband that ate too much marijuana and ending up killing his wife. Could you comment? If it was true, yes, the premise may yet still hold: no one has ever OD'd on Mary Jane and killed themselves...but what of others? I would hope the story was a hoax.
Right now, a lot of prayer is in order. While we know that Mr. Gowdy will lead the investigation, with distinction I would add, the road ahead remains uncertain. We are truly in perilous times and much will hinge on this investigation and outcome.
All this story tells me is that the gallows remain the most effective and efficient manner by which the death penalty should be administered. WE should not be wasting time with doctors and drugs...get to the rope whereby the errors of human engagement are minimized and there is no suffering of the condemned. There is no justice for the murdered if the penalty is abolished, and deterrence is not a factor for its continuation...retribution remains the most salient argument.
Were the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution not so radical in their central theme: self governance emanating from the people which possess unalienable rights and a government with limited enumerated powers, there would not be any problems here. These documents define the concept of the "citizen" and differentiate between that and a "subject". It is an impediment to outright servitude and tyranny, hence it must be kept away from the young students at college.
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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

helioquois Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 11:16 AM
Love it...more civil disobedience. Wish it were the same for the ACA, but some folks had to sign up when they lost their insurance due to the new law, otherwise they could no longer take care of their family. WE need more acts of this sort, and more direct support as was exhibited by those folks that went to Nevada to help the Bundy family.
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