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This contemplation, just as was the failed attempt to rescue Mr. Foley and other ISIS hostages, has no place in the news. We compromise our ability for surprise, and give the enemy opportunities to refine their operations. This makes the level of difficulty and complexity increase expotentially, placing our troops in higher levels of danger. It comes off to professionals as bragging for media and political purposes.
Two months ago, ISIS in Iraq was comprised of only 5,000 militants. Now there are 30,000--the numbers do not add up. With the purported numbers, they would not have wasted their time on the small, almost non-strategic targets and should launch into Baghdad...but they haven't. That's because they are spread thinly, with tenuous logistics. An example is the Mosul dam, which ISIS could have destroyed...but they did not because they needed the water. I concur we need to destroy these animals in place, but we do not need the hysterics of Senator Feinstein to over-inflate the task. Regardless of this attempt to resurrect the POTUS foreign policy bona fides, there is work to be done, but our present administration has been asleep at the wheel and only now awakens and addresses the depraved carnage of ISIS. POTUS owns this mess fully, but success against ISIS will not help the democrats this November.
If you increase supply and therefore availability, then the price will go down. Doesn't mean you can't still get contraceptives without cost via your health plan on someone else's dime. As for barriers, what would they be if you could buy over-the-counter? No doctor, no middleman, no government--no problem, right? That would be true except if you are the government and can no longer get another slice of citizen money, or control over it for pandering purposes. Growing up in the 70s with all the bat-sh** crazy women's lib ideology, I wonder why it is that I have responsibly paid for all of my contraception, but women seemingly cannot handle this one spigot of personal they let government into their bedrooms, doctor's offices and their employer's boardrooms to decide this issue for them. Not very liberated, after all. thinks you protest too much:-). Coulter versus Maddow...perfect for "Celebrity Death Match." Get Mills Lane out of his grave and "Let's Get it On! just successfully trolled the entire liberal establishment. Good on ya!
Rugby remains superior and requires a physical courage not seen in soccer.
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My Free Speech College Entrance Exam

helioquois Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 1:36 AM
Why limit it to the students? Can we not apply the test to college faculty, staff and administrators, as well?
With no death penalty, there is no justice for the murdered.
Likely, he wants to differentiate between what was sent and JSOC. You are right, however, about the annoyance. Just because you are doing FID doesn't mean you hang your combat cred at the door. Best to you Rick0418. nailed it. A country can only engage on the international game board in 3 ways: diplomatically, militarily or economically. The economy is the foundation for any substantive engagement because it adds credibility to your diplomacy and puts the teeth in your military; meaning you can walk softly, but carry a big stick. The present administration debilitated the US capability to interact abroad because it lacks the means to do so with any economic strength. To cover this weakness, they further weakened the military in the desperate hope that they would have more money available for ideological "social" and "climatology" excesses, leaving us with an unfocused, feckless foreign policy which has aided in global/regional instability. Great article...thank you.
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