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A Tale of Two Presidents

helioquois Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 9:01 AM
Mike...your article is spot on concerning Mr. Carter. When Mr. Carter ordered the rescue attempt, he was told by Col. Beckwith that some of our hostages may be killed. Col. Beckwith knew that the military men held hostage would overpower their captors during the assault, and could be killed by our soldiers if they held their captor's weapons during the fog of combat. Knowing this, Mr. Carter acknowledged the danger, and gave the go ahead for the mission. True, Mr. Carter was not a strong President, but his moral and ethical character sets him apart and above Mr. Obama...the latter which can claim the title of "worst" US President without any serious competition. This is why we see Pat Caddell's angst over Libya on TV--he has seen better.
This is the story of two very different American presidents and how they each answered their emergency Libyan phone calls.

First, the story of Ronald Reagan. When he got a call about trouble with Libya it was in August of 1981 and I happened to be having dinner with him and Nancy in Los Angeles.

We had just finished eating and were having coffee when Ed Meese phoned. Meese was my father's top policy adviser, and there was a serious military crisis brewing in the Mediterranean.

At the time, the United States Navy was conducting war exercises in...