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They're obviously conservatives, and they were endangering someone who was obviously an Obama supporter. Of course they have to be disciplined...
The number tell the story...$9M in 2009, $3M in 2013. 'Nuff said.
The chickens have indeed come home to roost. And, guess who's standing UNDER the roost? [Hint...all those Golden State groupies who collectively wanted to have Obama's love child] Couldn't happen to a more deserving crowd.
Sorry -- I believe the contest should be even. Matching a Beltway politician against a dog (even a Chihuahua) isn't a fair match. The dog would have too much inherent advantage over the political hack for it to be fair. That is the dog fighting you were referring to, correct? Because I can't believe anyone would want to see dogs ripping one another apart for human entertainment -- can you?
I think we could address much of the coarseness and shrillness that has entered our public dialogue with a simple return to the Code Duello (i.e., dueling). If the likes of Plouffe, Sirota, or the Motor-Mouth Society on Capitol Hill could be challenged to defend their words on a field of honor at dawn, civil discourse might once again become the norm. I'd love to see it...heck, I'd love to sell the tickets! We could probably wipe out the national debt just franchising the viewing rights. These guys treat politics as a bloodsport anyway...let's just make it the real thing for them!
I understand your meaning, now. If that's all they have on him, then they have zero chance of imposing nonjudicial punishment. Intent is key to cases like this...they have to prove he intended to deceive with respect to giving the wrong date for a medical appointment (sometimes people just forget the right date). Insofar as the "order" that concerns the medical records of his son, there's not enough detail for me to make a call there. I can't imagine who would've been "ordering" him to provide information on his son that is protected under the Privacy Act. If this is all they have, he should refuse nonjudicial punishment (that's his right) and demand courts-martial.
Sorry...I don't understand your point about "...drag to follow the rules." What "rules" are you referring to?
I'm afraid that's where it's headed. We have a voting majority that thinks government creates "stuff" by decree, and don't realize government goodies come from taxes, and those are collected from people who work for a living (NOT the 47%-ers, BTW). These people received government-approved educations. They don't know squat about US history, have never read the Constitution, and think the Founding Fathers are a group of men their mothers told them could be their father. They think Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and Lincoln are currency units. They know zip about how government raises money. Well, they've got a big awakening coming, when the working half runs out of money, or goes on the dole itself.
What's really whacky is that the same guy who's demanding Romney's TAX RETURNS (for as far back as the Democrat Machine wishes) is reluctant to release his transcripts, his thesis, heck...even his marriage license. A major complaint of presidential historians is the total absence of original Obama source documents. We know more about Joe the Plumber than Obama.
About the only people I know of who might be "... scared of the policies proposed by the Republican held house, and really quaking if those idiots take over the Senate..." are those who fear the gravy train going around the bend without them. The prospect of having to actually work for a living, as opposed to receiving one in the form of a monthly government handout, intimidates them. I'm tired of footing the bill to support my family and theirs, too.
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