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A Populist Message

heidibocook Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 2:58 PM
Warren Buffett says the rich should pay more in taxes. Conservatives say if he wants to volunteer to pay more, then let him do it alone. If conservatives wanted the US military to social engineer in Iraq, then they should have been forced to parachute into Baghdad after their glorious social engineering project in Iraq had soured. I would have given them t-shirts with "Christian Crusader" written in Arabic for their glorious cause.

John Podhoretz notes that Republicans have morphed into the "eat-your-vegetables-and-shut-up" party. There isn't much of a populist message out there from the GOP, which has been maneuvered into seeming like the party that's ready to raise taxes on everyone to prevent them from going up on the "evil rich."

On Monday night, I noted some populist points the Republicans should be making. But there's also one that bears emphasizing: Contrary to their posturing, the Democrats aren't really the party of the "common man." They're the party of government -- the force that bosses the "common man" around. 

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