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So, the pulpous prevaricator issues a barely veiled threat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
@saepe "You get a lot more done if you don't care who gets the credit." - Ronald Reagan
@zombie- and *your* wholesale psuedo intellect, while utterly predictable, is nevertheless tedious in the extreme. (PS- no one gives a damn that you have in your posession what any fool with an iPhone can aquire in a matter of seconds. Rolling eyes here.)
@ Reddestneck- Done.
@algae- Agreed, getting tired of having to drive passed this garbage on my way to substatiative debate. PLEASE TOWN HALL, REMOVE THESE SPAMMERS!!!!!!!!
@Jenni2- Ha ha ha ha, LOVE IT!! WELL said my friend!
@Cartwright- FINALLY! Thank you, I thought I was the only!
@ Freedom- Yeah, he's turned doing everything BUT his job into an art form.
@Phantom- We warned you before that we would treat *your* president with the same "respect" as you treated ours! Now *you* deal with it.
TN is a libtard failing miserably at a trojan horse move. Flagged.
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