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Obama Spokeswoman Worries Regular People Too Stupid to Understand Barack's Debate Answers

hecker Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 3:02 AM
Obama's gun ban policy will endanger women (and men) if he is re-elected. Obama has admitted in the second debate that he wants to ban guns. Obama has appointed two anti-gun Supreme Court justices who have shown their opposition to firearms ownership in their written dissenting decisions. If Obama is re-elected he will act to ban guns and to appoint more anti-gun Supreme Court justices who will work to overturn the Second Amendment. Even if you choose not to own guns, you will be affected. Right now a criminal doesn't know whether or not his next victim will be armed, so he thinks twice before attacking. But after the Obama gun ban, criminals will be emboldened, knowing that their victims will not be armed. They need not fear that that

President Obama is smarter than you, don't you know? According to Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki, President Obama gives such thoughtful, extended answers to debate questions that is makes it difficult for regular people to understand.  From the Washington Examiner:

President Obama’s campaign spokeswoman said she’s concerned Obama will sound too “professorial” to resonate with the low-information voters tuning into the presidential campaign for the first time during this week’s debate.

“[W]hat the American [people] are looking for is not just a professorial list of facts or accomplishments or even goals,” Obama campaign spokeswoman...