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Old Wounds and New Oil

heavydoug Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 8:24 PM
America is exceptional!... until it comes to creating and producing alternative energy sources? LOL
What policies would those be? And how do you blame the President?
I'm not lying. Look for yourself.
Read what? I'm looking at the vid which was edited to start when the guy was throwing punches. Why don't they show what happened before? The guy was down and getting up, then he threw punches at a much younger, taller man. Why is it edited like this?
You have no idea what it was like before unions. Again, you don't even ask yourself basic questions. You are not well informed. Study up or stay in the dark.
WHO STARTED THIS FIGHT ?!! The clip is edited so you can't tell what happened. At the very beginning the guy who threw the punches was getting up off the ground. Fox News cannot be trusted!!
Propaganda talking point. There is corruption everywhere. You don't throw the baby put with the bath water.
Who else got the 40 hour work week? Who else fought the corporations and their private armies? READ FOR YOURSELF !! Stop being a Limbaugh Beck sheep!
You don't know about slavery, you just think you do. You haven't been educated about it just like you haven't been educated about unions. You are a low information stooge that the !% pimps.
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