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I didn't see your comment earlier, but thank you for your active readership!
What is really funny is how wrong you are. I was part of a voucher program, but you see, the problem was that I was in a terrible school district and I was out-performing my classmates, but had no where to move up. So the voucher program allowed me to go to a great school and really excel there. So I am pretty sure that proves exact opposite of your hypothesis...
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100th Anniversary of the Income Tax

HeatherG Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 9:20 AM
The first sentence of the article clearly states that the 16th amendment was ratified February 3,1913. I did not claim that it was enacted that day. And if you follow the link to the ATR website they called it the 100th anniversary, because it was symbolically the 3rd of February.
Honestly Allison, you must be the most stupid person commenting on this site. Do you have any idea what the Republican party even stands for? Name one time Romney has ever supported making women second class citizens? Has he ever said he doesn't want us to have the right to vote or work outside the home? Are you delusional? And as for gays voting for Republicans, sometimes gay men and women can have thoughts besides their sex lives...maybe like: can I get a job? will I make enough money to support myself? do I really want to lose all of my income to outrageous taxes? do I want the government telling me I need to have healthcare? it's amazing how small minded you can be!
She is so smart for dating a misogynist womanizer....
That's funny...because President Obama actually got an extra 4 minutes last night and the Democrats have gotten a total of 8 extra minutes over the 3 debates so far. So basically you are lying almost as much as President Obama did last night.
Wow...I guess you can't read even the first sentence of the article!
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Libya Commemorates 9/11

HeatherG Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 11:53 AM
Grover Norquist is a great man leading the anti-tax movement in this country. Just because he is accepting of Muslims in the US and married one, does not mean that he is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. All this post shows is that you are hateful and believe all Muslims act one way. He came out against Michelle Bachman because he does not support her policies. Why is it that because you have Muslim friends, you are part of an extremist group looking to attack America as we know it? Frank Gaffney is the biggest hack I have ever seen. His hatred has overcome his policy ideas and it is a shame to see so many people jump on the bandwagon because of fear and hatred. Look at the policies he supports and you will see he only wants best for the US
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Three Good Polls for Romney

HeatherG Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 3:27 PM
Just like you, companies pay taxes, which then in turn contribute to schools, roads, etc. Nevermind the fact that Bain had a lot of employees who were then getting paid, and guess what. They pay taxes too. So their money goes to funding schools, roads, paying medicare tax, social security tax. Duh...
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