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Romney in 2007: "Of Course We Get Bin Laden...He Will Die"

HeartOfStone Wrote: May 01, 2012 7:38 PM
Obama supporters have tried to make an issue of Mitt Romney’s 1983 family vacation, during which he tied his terrified dog’s cage to the roof of the family car. The Romney campaign blunted the attack by seizing on a line in Obama’s memoir about eating dog meat as a child in Indonesia. But Romney’s campaign can do much better. In a 2003 episode that the Romney campaign never brings up for some reason, the governor and his sons actually saved the life of a Scottish Terrier, McKenzie, and six members of his owner’s family.
HeartOfStone Wrote: May 01, 2012 7:38 PM

From the Boston Herald:

The rescuing Romneys also managed to snatch the family dog, McKenzie, from a watery grave — grabbing the Scottish terrier first because it was the only passenger without a lifejacket.

“It looked like it wasn’t going to last much longer,” said Josh, who held the waterlogged pooch on the ride back to shore.

With Josh and Craig hovering nearby, the three men treaded water until the governor returned and made two more trips to ferry them back.
HeartOfStone Wrote: May 01, 2012 7:39 PM

The two campaigns can continue taking cheap shots at each other. But the Obama folks should keep in mind that stirring up the waters of Romney’s past too much might bring more tales of his character to the surface. Best, after all, to let sleeping dogs lie.
HeartOfStone Wrote: May 01, 2012 7:41 PM

Romney had a special windshield built so the wind would not slam the carrier or the dog.

Obama was so disappointed when he went to Taco Bell and found out they didn't actually have Chihuahuas.

LOL - I love that one. It's funny.

And with this video from Team Breitbart, Obama's classless 'Romney would have let bin Laden slip away' narrative is as dead as the terrorist himself:


"Of course we get Osama bin Laden, and track him wherever he has to go, and make sure he pays for the outrage he exacted on America.  We'll move everything to get him.   But I don't want to buy into the Democratic pitch that this is about one person -- Osama bin Laden -- because after him, there's going...