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Well, we must speculate; vet them in the public forum now versus wait until one is selected later, then they end up getting vetted in the general when it's too late. We have plenty of time, so we should use it in order to make the best selection in order to help win the White House back.
Yup, she can try to spin out from it, but anybody with half a brain knows she put it down untruthfully and for a benefit.
Let me guess, a former Senor Perry the Dope supporter like Anne the man?
LOL - that's the trouble with you stupid people, you're stupid.
It's news, you dope, and an excuse to hash out for a short list, stupid.
LOL - ya, make EVERYBODY out there stop speculating because you and Anne the man's brain can't handle it.
It is what the Democrats DID that jocked the country; from Frank and Dodd pushing Fannie and Freddie to underwrite bad loans, to the faqiled stimulus bills, to the failed Solybdras........ get a grip. The Democrats controlled all aspects, put through what they wanted, and the results are on them. Since the House went Repub-majority on Jan. 2011, they have managed to at least plug the leak; hold down the spending and the over taxation and regulation.
You're aptly named; crazy. The Dems held all the majorities then locked the doors, even telling the American people they will find out what's in it AFTER they pass it. Get real, stupid. The economy was fine even after 2 major economic disaster, 9/11 and Katrina, until the Dems took over both houses of Congress on Jan. 3, 2007, then their rubberstamp got in and super-sized it.
He should have been shot on the spot for what he did.
The only question I have regarding Portman is if Romney takes him into a cabinet position, heading Commerce, the Office of Management & Budget, or maybe as the United States Trade Representative, can we make sure his Senate position can be filled by a fellow GOPer.
You don't understand because you do not have the capability to.
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