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On Bourbon Street you can show everything (but your faith)

hbowlby Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 10:35 PM
Why does this surprise us? Jesus said, "If they hate me they will hate you." Fellow Christians we had better prepare ourselves. Did the Jewish people in Europe in the early 1930's even imagine what was about to happen to them? They were aware of opposition to them, but I doubt if many of them could even come close to knowing the horror that was just around the corner. It happened to them, It can happen to us. May the name of Jesus be exalted on high forever and ever, amen!

On October 26, 2011, the city of New Orleans criminalized religious expression on Bourbon Street.

Subsequently, in May of this year, a preacher from Vieux Carre Assembly of God Church was told by police that he could not continue discussing religion on Bourbon Street, even though he had been preaching there for the past 30 years every Tuesday and Friday evening.

The new rules were quietly put in place when Mayor Mitch Landrieu approved a ban on loitering or congregating “for the purpose of disseminating any social, political, or religious message between the hours of sunset and sunrise.”...