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School Bans the Word ‘Easter’

hboring Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 1:08 AM
Let's not forget the calendar has been changed since the Resurrection. For example, George Washington was really born on February 12th, by the calendar in effect at the time. Since the most recent change, his birthday is considered to be February 22nd. If I remember my Bible correctly, Jesus was crucified on the Sabbath, a Friday. Thus the third day was Sunday. This is the basis for the Christian Sabbath being Sunday, and not sundown Friday till sundown Saturday. The Seventh Day Adventisits still observe the Jewish Sabbath, though they are Christians. To each his own.

Boys and girls at an Alabama elementary school will still get to hunt for eggs – but they can’t call them ‘Easter Eggs’ because the principal banished the word for the sake of religious diversity.

“We had in the past a parent to question us about some of the things we do here at school,” said Heritage Elementary School principal Lydia Davenport. “So we’re just trying to make sure we respect and honor everybody’s differences.”

Television station WHNT reported that teachers were informed that no activities related to or centered around any religious holiday would be allowed – in the interest...