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Gun Control Takes Center Stage

hboring Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 10:04 PM
Dear Weary: Thank you for your support of the NRA. I am a Life Memeber, and a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, 75 years old. I don't have the extra funds to help financially, but I constantly keep my Senators' and Congressman's feet to the fire on the Second Amendment. I believe they are safely on our side, but I don't let up on them. Chief Boring

The race to further the gun-control agenda in the wake of last month’s tragic shooting by a crazed gunman in Newtown, Connecticut is moving into high gear. The Grand Old Lady of Gun Control, California Senator Diane Feinstein, last week introduced a bill that not only seeks to reinstate the 1994 “Federal Assault Weapons Ban” (AWB), but goes far beyond the scope of the earlier law (which expired a decade later) in undermining Second Amendment protections for law abiding Americans.

Feinstein’s proposal specifically targets 157 modern sporting rifles -- or, as she almost gleefully refers to them, “assault weapons.” In...