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The 9th Circuit is the most overturned court in the entire Country! The Supreme Court should reverse them out of hand. The First Amendment gaurantees freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion! What are the atheist afraid of? That they are wrong? If you don't believe in the cross, ignore it, and leave the rest of us alone.
Not only would such a law be a violation of the 4th Amendment, it is just plain STUPID! Good idea to warn the kids against answering questions about things that are nonone's business.
Old...That section was modified by the XI th Amendment, to state that the federal courts have jurisdiction between states and citizens of OTHER states. In cases of citizens seeking land grants from other states, then the federal courts have jurisdiction. The judge may have ultimate jurisdiction, as the point at suit is the Second Amendment, but it seems proper that the state should first hear the case, and the federal court hear an appeal. The office of Sherrif was one of the few things brought over from English Common Law, where the office was Shire Reeve, or county elected official who represented the people before the king. It seems they should certainly have standing.
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The NFL Goes all Bloomberg on Gun Owners

hboring Wrote: Nov 29, 2013 3:49 PM
Nevermind how many NFL PLAYERS own guns; how many NFL FANS own guns? I'd bet a high percentage, like NASCAR. Maybe the NFL should cgeck into that before they make a large number of fans upset.
And they misused Palin. Turning her loose to be herself would have won the election.
Do you actually think the conservatives, unlike the libertarians, would admit to staying home and assuring the enemy's election? The libertarians gloat about staying home, because they truly don't care who wins if it's not them.
No, conservatives need to work within the Republican Party. Third parties inevitably help the party they are most against. Study the history of third parties, and learn the truth of this. Libertarians keep trying, but they will never earn more than 10% of the vote, until they build a local base from which to grow, and stop staying home when the candidates on either side are not perfect in their light, none are. Study, learn, VOTE!
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Why Did Costco Label Bible as Fiction?

hboring Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 12:47 AM
So instead you became simply arrogant.
Your entire article makes the case for blaming libertarians. They get their 5 or 6 % ofnthe vote, just enough to elect the liberal in the race. They are never going to win any election, but are spoilers. They should work within the Republican Party, or stay home, as many of them do.
Darby, you leave them sheep alone, you hear?!
A better analysis than Buchanan wrote. And I voted for Nixon twice. But as a Navy Photographer in Washington, I made movies of State Visits to President Kennedy by the heads of Foreign governments. He would land on the South Lawn looking like death warmed over, and appear to greet his visitor an hour later looking all tanned and rested. Good doctors, I suppose. Everyone knew or suspected his dalliances, but the press apparently considered that his private business and did not report on them. I left Washington October 22, 1963, one month before the assassination. I left to drive to the west coast the day of the funeral, and the country was basically closed and in mourning.
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