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We know who the RINOs are. That's why the Tea Party is till around.
Oops...that's "wind-up" bus.
Is this a win-up bus?
And when we can get the courts to recognize that simple fact, the tide will turn.
Is this a test to see if we're paying attention? None of the reporters said we were contemplating putting troops in RUSSIA, nor did they attribute such a statement to Kagel. April Fool's Day was four days ago. C'mon!
Not bad, except they should repeal at least three laws for every one they pass. Sometimes, nothing is the right thing to do.
BHO's mother was a US citizen. That makes him one. McCain was born in Panama; Tim Cruz was born in Canada, as was Chester A. Arthur. His right to serve as Presdent was contested. He won, because his parents were US citizens. Children of US diplomats and service members born overseas are all US citizens. Give it a rest. BHO, for whom I did NOT vote, may be the worst President in history, but he is a US citizen.
How do you commit voter fraud without intending to commit fraud? You vote once in each election; voting twice indicates intent. Nobody is that stupid. The democrats are against voter ID because they benefit from this fraud. Any judge who does not understand this has too little knowledge of the law and human nature to sit on any bench.
Good idea! Perhaps Ms. Kelly's action will be picked up widely. Keeping these scumbags out of the limelight as much as possible will be beneficial, as publicity is a driving force with these idiots. I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, and the deaths of any service members saddens me deeply.
I pray it's sarcasm. THe sad thing is, there are people in and out of government whose thought processes are exactly as described by "loyal dem". THe name alone gives one pause. We must do everything we can to stop this idiocy. Think carefully before November. Study, learn VOTE! Do not stay at home becasue the perfect candidate is not running. He or she does not exist. Loss of the internet is the loss of freedom.
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Harry Reid: Little Bad Man of Nevada

hboring Wrote: Mar 18, 2014 1:11 AM
Reid's scurrilous comments on the Senate floor are Constitutionally protected. Notice he does not speak them elsewhere, where he could be subject to the libel laws. The "press" that report his drivel are of course also protected, by the First Amendment. This situation should be decried from the rooftops by all who care for the truth. And remember, if you don't vote don't complain, because you will have been complicit in keeping the scum in office. Study! Learn! VOTE!
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