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His cats and their descendents have free run of the Key West house.
Maybe that's why he killed himself at the ranch, in Ketcham, Idaho, in 1961.
As a Navy Photographer, I was stationed at Guantanamo during the revolution, and knew some of the Rebeldes, during a stint on the Base Police Force. We were all fooled by the image of the Castroites as freedom fighters. It was only after my transfer in 1959 that the truth started to come out, beginning with the stories of Fidel roasting chickens in his hotel room in New york. Their true colors came out after they took Havana that year.
Better yet: Vets, pick a day, say Veterans' Day, November 11. Get all the Vets you can to wear the same shirt to your nearest Six Flags. See how they deal with numbers! And notify Chris Christie, if he expects to run for President, he needs to tell Six Flags how to act in NJ. If a guard puts his hands on any of you, advise he will be charged with assault. If he persists, put him on the ground. Gently, gently, Marines! Seriously, this was a very stupid thing for them to do.
Why do people still insist upon going to North Korea? And anyone who asks for asylum in this nuthouse is obviously deranged.
Until the Senate changes hands. As currently composed, the Senate would not convict, and the base would consider BHO a martyr.
We know who the RINOs are. That's why the Tea Party is till around.
Oops...that's "wind-up" bus.
Is this a win-up bus?
And when we can get the courts to recognize that simple fact, the tide will turn.
Is this a test to see if we're paying attention? None of the reporters said we were contemplating putting troops in RUSSIA, nor did they attribute such a statement to Kagel. April Fool's Day was four days ago. C'mon!
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