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It Runs in the Family: Volt’s Cousin, Chevy Cruze, Investigated for Fires

hblackman Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 12:09 PM
GM gets a massive bailout and now through smoke and mirrors and pro union OBAMA they say they have the debt payed off. What a joke. And GM still has the same BLOODSUCKING UNION. Toyota gets hit by a huge natural disaster and the BLOODSUCKING unions could not be happier. NON UNION Toyota will, in the long run, outperform Government Motors as they expand in Right to Work states in the U.S. GM will end up in bankruptcy again at the hands of their out of control UNIONS. Have you ever noticed when they show assembly line film clips you will see non UNION Toyota workers slim and trim buzzing around efficiently. Then they show the BLOODSUCKING UNION GM workers dragging their fat A$$ around dreaming of collective bargaining. . GM will not...

The Chevy Cruze, which is the same car, right down to the lug nuts as the Chevy Volt- minus, you know, the voltage- is being investigated for engine fires that Reuters says “in many cases completely engulfed the vehicles in flames.” 

So, let me be the first to apologize to General Motors.

I’ve been complaining about the negligible environmental benefits of the Volt, of the federal tax subsidies for the Volt and of the $23,000 difference in sticker price between the Cruze and the Volt.

And I’m willing to state here and now: I was wrong.