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Baby Names and Gender Differences

Haynes1701 Wrote: May 31, 2012 9:31 AM
Parents don't do their children ANY favors by giving them a hard-to-pronounce or hard-to-spell "trendy" name. HR departments, when going through stacks of applications, will literally bypass the ones they come across that have a name that they might have a hard time trying to figure out. They don't have the time and too many people are looking for work. It's a lot easier to call "Emily" about a job than "Xylia" (the name a friend of mine gave her newborn daughter).

According to the widely accepted stereotype, young adults in the United States tend to disregard traditional gender roles and minimize distinctions between male and female. But when it comes to naming their babies—one of the bigger decisions any couple is likely to make—official reports show that today's child-bearing generation affirms age-old distinctions between boys and girls in a way their grandparents would have understood and, most likely, applauded.

The top ten male names in 2010 (the last year with complete figures) emphasize tradition, consistency and a connection to the past. Half of the favored designations, including the top three, are Biblical...