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The Big Investment Game

Hawker 1 Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 7:07 AM
Fewer and fewer of the general public have come back to the Stcok Market after the last turn down . Some are forced to have some investments with the 401s, pensions etc. With the coming crash again because of our current politicans and Gov. over taxing and over spending fewer ,once again, will return to investing in the Market. The big boys , Bankers,Stockbrokers and their crooked politicans friends will eat themselves when they don't have the general public to take advantage of.

Will they or won’t they?  Can they or can’t they? 

Those two questions seem to be the overriding theme of the day, and whichever query that you think can be answered the easiest will probably determine where you should put your money over the next several months. 

First and foremost, let’s understand that the word “investment” has simply become another word for “gambling.” 

Historically, an investment was made after a well-researched effort had been performed by the investor. 

If the choice was a purchase of common stock,...

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