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Party Like Its 1917

Hawker 1 Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 6:42 AM
The Fed. via Ben and the Gov. via timmie are stealing every day approx 2 billion of value from our dollars. That is the amount of spending beyond what is coming in to the Gov. each day. So the Fed. prints the extra dollars gives it(loans at 0% interest) to the (to big to fail) Banks . The banks buy the Gov. treasury notes at 3% interest charge to Gov. IE we the Citizens. What a deal and for who I don't know but a lot of Democrat donors seem to do real good in the to big to fail Banks. Free money ,0% rate , 3% return from Gov. (us). Gov. (for now Dem.s ) doling it out to Big Donors.
"Let us, Igor Ivanovich, talk about what's happening with Cyprus. The stealing of the stolen is continuing there, I think." Dmitry Medvedev to Russian Deputy Prime Minister

These comments harkened back to famous comments made by Vladimir Lenin who explained Bolsheviks' confiscation of the wealth of capitalists' property by simply stating "we steal what has already been stolen."

The phrase itself was inspired by Karl Marx's "expropriation of expropriators."

If this really was just about stealing money that's already stolen, it might have gotten a few minutes into yesterday's session. Wall Street initially cheered the news as it seemed like an especially...