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Cruz Missile

Hawker 1 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 1:00 PM
The reference of Dreams of should have been Dreams from . Just a bit of a c orrection. If Cruz can increase the Tea Party influnce ,good for him. I get a hint Murchison is more a RINO supporter. Look out Est. rep.s your time is short.
Language, in politics, gets you only so far, but sometimes "so far" is far enough. Take 2008. I trust we all remember "hope and change"? We should. It helped propel a previously unknown community organizer into the White House, hence into our lives, as reorganizer-in-chief.

Ted Cruz, "the Republican new man of the moment," according to Fox News' Chris Wallace, has his own gifts as a wordsmith: less sugary, more to be compared with a boxing glove. In the runoff for U. S. senator from the great state of Texas, the previously unknown Cruz whammed the well-known David Dewhurst, talking hard-edge language...