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Let's say three fifty megaton nuclear devices are about to detonate in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles within a couple of hours apart, and we have successfully apprehended several terrorists responsible for setting them up. Which one of the following would you apply? 1. Invite them to a Xmas party. 2. Week-end retreat at Disneyland. 3. Offer them amnesty, and provide them with numerous benefits not given to legal citizens. 4. Squeeze the living daylights out of them, and obtaining the deactivation procedures for these weapons. Choose wisely.
My gift to Castro would have been first an acute upper respiratory infection, followed by a rupture spleen, pancreas, and lower tract. And last, but not least a slow excruciating lung collapse that pulsates horrific pain throughout his entire body as he tries to inhale, and exhale. Merry Xmas, Fidel.
America needs a thorough clean up from varmints like this, and we need to start pronto otherwise they'll inflict irreparable damage on the nation.
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Report: 'Dark Days Ahead' for Obamacare

Hausmaus Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 2:14 PM
Let's just hope we don't run out of Vaseline because this one is going to hurt like Hell.
Pelosi has proven to all Americans time, and again that she's just a waste of time. Next case please.
In 1958 Ernesto Che Guevara ordered some of his men to kidnap the son of a local town in the province of Oriente, Cuba. The young boy was just fourteen years old. He was blind folded, and brought to El Che who didn't waste time to use him as an example of how to treat your enemy. El Che performed one of his preferred acts in front of his men by shoving his 1911 into the boy's mouth, and blowing his brains out with two blasts from his 45cal. I escaped from Cuba in 1961, and can tell you some facts about El Che that people have absolutely no idea.
Hillary will continue her incompetent career in the WH the same way she disastrously performed as Secretary of State.
So many Jackasses, so little time.
We do have our share of Highly Educated Morons in this country.
This calls for one hell of a law suit.
To NPR: Just shut the pie hole.
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