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Sebelius is learning how to lie from our Commander In Chief, but she hasn't mastered the art of telling them with Pizzazz.
The Huffington Post is totally dedicated to the preservation of "NOTHING".
Hillary has been a failure since she entered politics, and she was a failure as Secretary of State, then her idea of becoming president of the U.S.A. came along with a good probability that she'll get the W.H. We have a huge number of Low Information Voters that will help make her dream a reality, but what they do not know is that she will carry on the same path that the current Obama's Administration is on. If we fail to foresee what's coming our way with her, we deserve all the hell on earth that is about to be unleashed on all of us. Will America make the right decision next presidential election??????????
America has become the real Killing Fields, and Liberals want to keep it that way.
Global Warming didn't do it for the Liberals, then came Climate Change, and they are trying like hell to funnel this one down our throats, but Science says "NO", try again with the different name.
In the Liberal World, "CONTROL" is the name of the game.
Our beloved, and fearless president has just announced plans to invade Haiti, and to prove his ability to project power around the globe he is immediately declaring war on Easter Island. This guy is an original, he's going to make us all proud.
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Jimmy Fallon, Democrat Political Asset

Hausmaus Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 5:20 PM
The Tonight
Once our beloved president gets The House of Representatives completely out of the way, there is nothing in the way to keep him from flushing the good old U.S. of A. down the toilet. If you have any doubts about this taking place just realize that we are now beyond the Wax Ring, and enough time available to make his dream come true.
Dear Mr. Manchin, I refuse to let you have your cake, and eat it too. Which one is it?
Ed Markey is from Crapashuttests what else do you expect.
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