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Hausmaus Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 5:53 PM
The Federal Government knows extremely well how to navigate the law, and circumvent it in ways that could one day render our Constitution totally irrelevant. At the rate that we are currently going, that day is just around the corner.
Eric Holder finds the air he constantly breathes to be also Racist. I suggest to him to stop doing that.
The Holocaust is the most recorded event in Human History. I spent fifteen years stationed in Germany, and had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. If you ever set foot in Europe, and have the time, and money to visit the Death Camps in Poland, Hungary, Rumania, and many, many others you will be ashamed to call yourself a Human Being. What took place there reveals what pathetic creatures we really are.
There is no such thing as A War on Women, but there is such a thing as A War on Morons, and Jackasses. They are practically coming out of the Wood Work.
This morning I came in contact with half of my subdivision with at least sixty seven neighbors that together with me, are planning to purchase D'Souza's new book. We are on our way right now.
The WH is where all he Scandal Strategies are formulated, and carried out.
Dear Pelosi: You miserable Old Hag, Illegals are actually Aliens, and they do not belong here unless they have legally applied, and have the proper credentials to enter the country like everybody else.
Reid is like an old mop, no matter how hard you wring it the damn thing still comes out the same. All Wet.
The Excrement just keeps pouring on.
This crisis proves that if thousands of illegal children can make it across our Southern Borders without intervention, then what's to keep thousands of terrorists from doing the same.
How can these kids learn anything about a valid contract if our beloved President with the stroke of a pen invalidates their signatures.
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