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In 1958 Ernesto Che Guevara ordered some of his men to kidnap the son of a local town in the province of Oriente, Cuba. The young boy was just fourteen years old. He was blind folded, and brought to El Che who didn't waste time to use him as an example of how to treat your enemy. El Che performed one of his preferred acts in front of his men by shoving his 1911 into the boy's mouth, and blowing his brains out with two blasts from his 45cal. I escaped from Cuba in 1961, and can tell you some facts about El Che that people have absolutely no idea.
Hillary will continue her incompetent career in the WH the same way she disastrously performed as Secretary of State.
So many Jackasses, so little time.
We do have our share of Highly Educated Morons in this country.
This calls for one hell of a law suit.
To NPR: Just shut the pie hole.
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50 Things Barack Obama Has Done Wrong

Hausmaus Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 7:59 PM
The Obama Legacy is going to read: "Eight Years of Pure Excrement", and this title is going to stay for all eternity.
Before you hang him, stuff his mouth with a pound of bacon so he can go to heaven well greased.
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CNN to Hamas: Thanks for Joining Us!

Hausmaus Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 3:39 PM
Hamas stores rockets in mosques, schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, market places, uses human shields. Hamas will not allow music, or singing at wedding parties or they will annihilate everybody involved, including women, and children. They will sacrifice their own in a hear beat. Hamas enslaves their own people by terrorizing entire towns, and making them subservient to their cause. You cannot refute these facts, can you?
Everything is beautiful in its own way.
If this woman makes into the WH, I'm going on a one way trip to Proxima Centauri.
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