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The Excrement just keeps pouring on.
This crisis proves that if thousands of illegal children can make it across our Southern Borders without intervention, then what's to keep thousands of terrorists from doing the same.
How can these kids learn anything about a valid contract if our beloved President with the stroke of a pen invalidates their signatures.
Every American has the right to know about this tragedy taking place on our Southern Borders, and if the Federal Government has been derelict in taking care of this problem Congress, and the DOJ must act "NOW". This situation proves that our borders to the South are not secured, and if thousands of children were able to make it across without intervention, then terrorist could also do the same.
I work for a county here in Florida, and for the last five, and half years no pay raises, no cost of living adjustments, and he pittance of a bonus we used to get was taken away three years ago. The idea to do away with a certain benefit to the sum of $210.00 per month being taken away wasn't received well. We have employees that started at $10.55 and hour six years ago, and are still making the same hourly wage. Caught between a Rock, and a Hard Place.
Somebody forgot to tell Nancy Pelosi that lobotomies are not reversible.
Our beloved Congress, and Senate currently enjoy a 12% favorability rating among voters, yet somebody forgot to tell the Kentuckians. You have made your bed, now lay on it.
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A convenient lie

Hausmaus Wrote: May 24, 2014 7:17 PM
The really sad part about this Climate Change, or Global Warming fiasco is that a lot of Morons keep giving Al Gore money, and he keeps taking them all for a ride.
All I can say to Seattle is: Open wide for Chunky.
Mr. Moran found out his Mercedes Benz note has gone up by another $500.00 per month, the money has to come from somewhere.
I never graduated from college, and I my net worth is in the hundreds of millions. You can graduate from college, or a university, and still be a total moron. What's the big deal?
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