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Chris Matthews: Only Whites Can Be Racists

Hausmaus Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 7:45 PM
We are in dire need of a pure Conservative Party, not a Republican Party. The Republicans have proven time, and again that they are no better than the Democrats. A Conservative Party with a solid individual doctrine that will keep government small, and out of our hairs. But, first we need to expose the liberal mind set that has evolved in this country with the sole purpose of destroying our way of life, and everything that we stand for. The airwaves must be saturated with thousands of videos informing the whole population specially the low-information voters that the current direction we are in will decapitate our way of life for good. We must also define what a bankrupt nation would look like, we are headed that way now.

The latest pearl of shouted "wisdom" from the most loathsome member of MSNBC's news-challenged lineup:


"Actually, Rushbo, racism is the belief that one race -- whites -- should rule all others.  Get your definitions straight!"

Over to you,