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SEIU Protestor: 'Paul Ryan Won't Tell us Anything, Offers No Numbers'

Harvey78 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 9:38 AM
Look at Odumba's numbers. Four Americans dead and were refused our help. Trillions in debt, more than we can repay. We have to borrow money just to pay the interest. Millions out of work. Forty five czars while Russia only has thirty. This is one of his unconstitutional acts. Idiots appointed along with mudslums in the whitehouse. Millions (over 12 ) spent on Moocher for lavish vacations not counting sending a twelve year old daughter to Mexico with over twenty five secret service agents and her friends. Flying teh dog overseas on a jet with no humans except the flight crew! How stupid can these idiots be? Do they not realize that Odumba is rapidly destroying out country? If this POS stays in office the next war is inevitable.