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The butt hurt is palpable with this one.
Nancy...trying to circle the wagons with her pants down. Not very attractive to say the least.
Si Se Puede. Family in Seattle living five, yes, FIVE minutes from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance: Gold plan, family member with cancer...Must travel on Ferry two hours to Bremerton, or drive three hours to Yakima. But Harry Reid would have you believe this was "made up of whole cloth...lies." Don't elect Jeb or Christie next time around or we'll be stuck with this POS HC fiasco for all time.
Reggie Love called dibs on the mini presidential member.
Reminiscent of the Iraq war, circa 2003 and Baghdad Bob, when he stated, "Their infidels are committing suicide by the hundreds on the gates of Baghdad. Be assured, Baghdad is safe, protected. The infidels are on the run!!"
So why doesn't Coulter make that point instead of writing this garbage column?
what the hell part of Texas is that again? She must of bedazzled her temple on accident while aiming for one of her phony cowboy hats.
It is politics. Rand Paul has a couple strange bedfellows. Least of which is Mitch McConnell.
McConnell is a hack. He needs to ride off in the sunset along with McCain and Goober Graham. Coulter's attempt at maintaining control here, same as it was with Christie, is weak. The GOP establishment needs to get on board, stop leaking to the likes of MSM Politicos. Boehner and gang positioned themselves to bail on Jolly in the nick of time, with the "Keystone Cops" cracks, and claiming "ineptitude" on Jolly's part days ahead of the election. The American people know where the ineptitude falls. Pull your head out.
Looking forward to the day this ho-bag decides she needs to "retire, in order to spend more time with the family."
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