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Sad: More Americans Than Ever Use Food Stamps for Thanksgiving

HarryReidWhiteAndBlue Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 11:50 PM
"Then you do any kind of a job until something better comes your way. When my father's workplace went on strike in the early 1960s, he worked as a janitor in a factory on the graveyard shift until the strike ended months later. My father figured that was how a real man did things. He saw govt assistance as a sign of weakness. " The janitor jobs are not exactly easy to come by, either.
Gail104 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 1:25 AM
BTW, people back in the early 1960s didn't apply for those jobs either. Most of his coworkers preferred to collect food stamps.
oldervoter68 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 12:37 AM
Seems like buggy whip makers adapted at the turn of the 19th century (and buggy makers also). In a dynamic economy, jobs will come, jobs will go. Those that adapt will thrive, those that don't, well............. (Is it really up to the adapters to provide for the non-adapters forever?) .

Just another one of the myriad blessings many of us can be grateful for this Thursday: a Thanksgiving turkey. A new study from the Sunlight Foundation indicates that, thanks to economic hardship, more Americans than ever will be forced to set their Thanksgiving tables using food stamps -- hardly a budget that allows for an opulant feast on a day centered around dinner.

The Food Stamp Challenge, which challenges higher-income families to live as if they are on food stamps, estimates that a person on food stamps has a budget of about $1.25 per meal. In other...