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"But finding out what went wrong and making sure we take steps to correct it might prevent it from happening again. Blaming it on a movie and wishing it was swept under the rug is DANGEROUS to the future. " Nah. The movie was plausible, based on the reaction in that part of the world to Van Gough, the Mohammad cartoons, etc.
""pussonal weesponsibility" HairyReidTheMiscreant... ...Channelling Barney Frank again? " I am missing him. So sad hes retiring, with so many nuts infesting the house now.
"This is what socialist/marxist's look like. Remember the head Pinocchio said we are no longer a Christian nation, and Muslim's have been part of the fabric of this country since the beginning. " They have been.
"You're right. She might commit suicide from embarrassment." Nothing embarrassing. This hand wringing, obsessive Benghazi ranting needs to end. It will NOT bring the ambassador back.
They don't support the Commander in Chief?? Are you questioning their professionalism?
"A microcosm of why Barry is losing and will be roundly defeated. A total unwillingness to accept responsibility for anything. " Oh boy! It's that "pussonal weesponsibility" GOP meme again. BOOTSTRAPS!
"FairyReid's comments are just too stupid to be acknowledged, much less answered." And all this hand-wringing won't bring the ambassador back.
"From: "nothing to see was all about the video..." (I'm off to vegas now...) To: "We don't know what happened yet...we're investigating ourselves so we can't comment til after the election..." (I have a date with the View gals now...) To: "This would be nothing if it weren't for Romney making it an issue" (Come ON. I'm trying to fundraise here. Big Bird anyone?). " Life goes on. Both Truman and Nixon played piano on variety shows when our forces were being killed overseas. Oh yeah but Barack is different. I wonder how? Gee...
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