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"Those emergencies of which you speak are apocalyptic in nature" SOme of us believe sick people being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions IS apocalyptic.
"Be specific. Cite the crime under which he's liable. " Pretty sure that Hague would consider that a war crime. Torturing a prisoner, physically and psychologically, in a crass manner that extends beyond "enhanced interrogation".
"Are you accusing Allen West of committing war crimes and/or violating international law? " I'd like to see what The Hague has to say about all of this is all.
"Many believe that space aliens are orbiting the Earth and are awaiting the moment when the "mothership" will land and take them away too... " Many believe that such an international tribunal would NOT render a verdict that West and his apologists would find favorable.
"yes Princess Hairless We respect West. " Many believe that West should be tried for war crimes by an international tribunal at The Hague.
"If you want to know a black man that america respect look at Allen West, Sowell, dum commie... " WEST???????
"Yep, the race baiter! " Reverend Jackson is in his sixth decade of respected leadership you fool!
That the Reverend coined the term?
Four more years, got it? A chance for Barack to finish his work.
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