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Paul want to be a macho man. He parties in my city fairly often and is a leather boy.
You couldn't be more wrong about the Senator.
Obama will get those four years, and you know it.
It is sterling. He is frustrating the GOPs legislative efforts, stymieing them at even the smallest level. He is a Lion of the Senate, the greatest Senator who ever lived.
Please. Real estate can be complicated.
And Reid is all that, and so much more.
"Where have YOU been, in a coma???" Nah. Somewhere without a tinfoil hat is all!
"HarryReidsSterlingLeadership??? What's so "sterling" about that disgusting old man, Rotten Reid's "leadership?" That ugly faced putz hasn't passed a budget in the senate for FOUR years. And you call that "sterling" leadership?" He's playing the Senate like a violin, and making fools of your party like it's his job.
"Socialism has failed every time it has been tri Ed. It is a flawed concept. Even your beloved Canada isn't "all that"--their socialism is choking growth, and their socialized medicine has forced Canadians to seek care in the US for a LNG time now. It figures you'd think it's all good, though. We're kicking your socialist hero out of office soon. Good for us, so sad for you. " Four more great, justice-appointing years for Barack.
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Take the Lead

"ROFLOL... Said the red-diaper commie whose parents and grand parents been trying to destroy america for decades... Yeah it was GW bush... Okay bawnye Fwank..." Red Diaper??? My father worked for Orrin Hatch.
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