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"Unfortunate, Harry? " Yes. Very unfortunate.
"What the HELL are you talking about. OBOZO Planned it." What kind of conspiracy nonsense is that?
It is not a hopeless argument. Rather, it is in the interest of the nation that we close the book on this.
"Yes, and you need to hear it, liberal. " I don't see how any good can come from addressing this in such an obsessive compulsive way is all.
Men die in war zones. Do we really need to dwell on this, really need to have the sordid episode, sodomy and all, read into the congressional record?
"Really? Why? Would it reveal the true nature of the incompetence and negligence of bam bam? " It will embarrass the country. It will be inconclusive, other than stating the obvious. That post-Quadaffi Libya is very bad, and getting worse.
"Incorrect- a report by a handpicked Administration official and close friend of Eric Holder exonerates Holder. The matter is NOT closed, nor have all the facts been revealed. " It's closed. There was no impropriety.
"Accounting for the responsibility for this failure is a legitimate function of government. You traitors had no problem with the ridiculous 9-11 commission, the main achievement of which was to reveal the inner working of our intelligence structure to the planet. You want tomove on to protect the traitor in the WH, whom you support as you are also a marxist and traitor. " There is no traitor in the WH, and all this committee will do is perform a pointless finger-pointing ritual that will embarrass and divide the country, and to what end?
"Incorrect. The House is doing their job. The one they were elected- and swore an oath to the Constitution- to perform. The investigation is not playing politics." The investigation is not necessary.
"You are a traitor, your posts prove it! " I dont see it that way.
"You'd like that wouldn't you? I'm sure you feel the same way about Fast & Furious. " The book on that has already been closed, vindicating Eric Holder.
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