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"ROFLOL... Well, specially when they were left to die and those who could help were told to stand down..." Things things are not always simple.
"Dead ambassadors are apparently all part of the routine for libs. " Sometimes these things, however unpleasant and tragic, simply happen.
"Since it is a lawless, anarchic place why was the request for more security denied. Another failure. A fool covering for a fool sounds foolish at best. " Nobody has unlimited resources, and there may have been security concerns that we dont yet know about.
""For weeks... ...You're flogging a dead horse again, Hairy... "" You are the ones who can't stop harping on what was basically a routine incident in lawless, anarchic places like Benghazi!
"Have fun believing a Youtube clip caused." That was the prevailing theory of the crime at first. That's all it was. There was no deception.
"Black Liberation Theology was derived in large part from the theology of the Nation of Islam in the 1960's, now headed by Louis Farrakhan http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2763281/posts " Wrong and lol at free republic!
"They would tell you to shut the HELL up." Nah. It's Saturday so they would all be at the slave auction buying slaves.
"God DAMMED AHMurca. Black Liberation Theology, is founded on ISLAM. wetawd." Wrong again. It is founded on Catholic Liberation Theology.
"The Obama administration left our foreign embassies unguarded as“sitting ducks”as repeated reports of increasing violence and threat poured in over and over again, from across the Middle East and inparticular, Benghazi. " OH NO!!!!!! WHAT WOULD THE FOUNDERS SAY??
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