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"what ijnauguration? into the nambla hall of shame? " The one for his second term. His Supreme Court stocking second term.
"Latinos who assimilate naturally gravitate to the ideals of the GOP. " True not so long ago. As the Joey "Bananas" Arpaio wing of the GOP overtakes the Jeb Bush wing, not so much.
"Texas will secede from the Union again before allowing you Marxists to take over their state, Harry. " Texas is developing quite a Latin favor there. And a lot of liberal transplants from the coasts are finding work there. I think it's going purple, and you should be happy about it too.
"Sorry, HarryReidsNightmaresAndLies - your snarling Black Messiah's going down! " Yes, down to the menswear store to pick out a new tux for his inauguration!
"More votes for Romney! " It would take bigger news than this to increase turnout for that wooden, unpresidential stiff that you nominated. Sorry.
Texas is going to be a purple state by 2020. Yet another example of how the winds of change are putting the "DEM" in "DEMographics"! :D :D :D
"Yes, but you're not an American so who cares what you think? " I have never lived in any other country, ever, in my nearly 40 years.
This story brought a big smile to my face. :) A balm for the anger many of us feel over the suppression efforts of vermin like True The Vote. I couldn't be more proud of the NAACP.
"But jerry! Sandra is so .... so ... so... well, she's so! " Sandra is an exemplary 21st century American woman, that's what.
"'Fast and Furious.'" Oh good grief! Enough!
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