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"........only a lowlife glorifies the Benghazi Sodomy CAUSED BY OBAMA. " Barack is NOT TO BLAME for the hanky panky with the ambassador or anything else that happened in Benghazi!!! GOt it??
NAACP or no NAACP, Romney doesn't have "it". He is completely, laughably unpresidential and should not even be running.
"so you admit your socialist utopias are all failures and that your marxists are abandoning them but will only do whats come naturally and repeat the process in other places forget the weather " There are no failures, its just that Austin (for example) is a hot spot for certain industries right now. And a lot of younger, hipster types enjoy the music scene, and having outings like going to the Alamo ironically and stuff like that.
"You own a gun, Harry? The Texans will shoot you first, kid. " I don't own a gun and I am not moving to Texas, as I am quite happy here in San Francisco. But other creative types like me are moving there though. I can't tell you whether or not they have guns, I would guess most don't.
"Trolls". Oh well, if you must. I suspect many will be "celebrating" Obama's re-election for a long time, so you are right. I don't have vices though so I'll be around. :)
Romney wil lose anyway. Choose your battles.
It was! I felt the need to clarify re: The Panthers and their interest in Marx, etc...
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