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"Abstinence works 100% of the time and condoms have less side effects than birth control pills " The people for whom Fluke was advocating were not interested in "abstinence".
"Wrong. She was demanding Georgetown provide it to their students for contraceptive purposes. (Georgetown already provides it for medical necessity). " For contraceptive purposes it is still prescribed, and should be covered by any reputable plan. There are many elective prescriptions out there, such as Viagra, Accutane, hair loss drugs, etc.
"She was demanding free birth control. That's not a service. It's a present. Birth control is very cheap. A months supply is less than a pack of cig. Sandra Fluke is a publicity seeking feminist trust fund BRAT!" Not free, she was demanding it be underwritten (with her rendering a co-pay) like every other medical prescription under the sun.
If I had my way the House of Representatives would be getting some time off, so there's that.
"I'll remember that when I get my next paycheck and look at the stub. " Sounds like somebody hates doing their part for their country.
On balance you people make far too big of a deal about taxes.
"Obama's 3rd Term: BHO's Secret Plan to Retain Power Through 2020 !" I wish Barack would seek a third term, after an inquiry into whether or not term limits on that office are really necessary in the first place.
Good for Geithner. The childish congressional tantrum over the debt ceiling last time downgraded our S&P rating. Drastic measures are necessary.
"It's that living, breathing thing again. It needs to be adjusted for the popular mindset. " And adjusted it will be! Unless you think Barack is going to point some lame-o "originalists" when he gets to fill the two or three SCOTUS vacancies that will come up in his new term. :)
"So says a Jimmy Jones Juicehead. " It isn't my side that's hung up on "raptures", "end of days" nonsense the way Jimmy Jones was. Not my side that hates the federal government the way Jones did either.
"Really? And you have proof they didn't LIE? Let's see the proof, fool!" The burden of proof is on Barack's accusers. His lowlife, crocodile-tear-crying accusers.
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