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This really isn't that big of a deal.
"Let the states, local governments, and charities handle what needs to be done. " They don't do a very good job, for the most part.
The unions must and will stand up to this.
Get help for your tax-phobia, and then get ready to pony up. Boehner is clearly going to fold on the highest bracket and he'll fold again when Barack needs more.
To make an omelette.....
It is to the union's discredit that people proposing "right to work" legislation even feel safe in their own person. Labor needs to take a harder line.
This absolutely must be stopped.
"Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks stated their disappointment and opposition to the proposal put forward by Boehner as a counter to President Barack Obama's offer because it contains $800 billion in new tax revenue and not enough spending reductions. " OOoooooohhhhhhhh! Trouble in paradise!!!! LOL at GOP
"Haven't you heard, CitiBank is getting ready to layoff 11,000 employees." I've said all along that the economy is contracting. These people will need help, btw.
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