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Studies have shown that this isn't the case.
We do. But we are leaving the unimpressive abstinence-based ones behind in favor of such Eurocentric ones as Moderation Management!
"So if it's not perfect then it is an epic failure. Typical leftist Utopianism." Twelve Step, with its 7% success rate, is utopianism.
12 Step fail, and kicking people out on the street for not "abstaining", is where the cruelty is.
"Newsflash: the stress of homelessness is not when keeps them drinking or using. The numbers may be poor, but better than zero. Your position only helps homeless advocates. " No, it helps people who have been ill served by the epic failure that is the 12 step model.
"So a good outcome is keeping them drinking and using drugs? At least in "abstinence schemes" some people recover. I am proof of that. " The numbers are poor, though. In a wet house, at least the former homeless are not drinking mouthwash, and a good deal of them decrease their consumption as the stress of homelessness recedes.
"In other words, you enable them to keep drinking and using drugs and keep them homeless and dependent. " In other words I favor realistic, harm-reduction based alternatives to utopian "abstinence" schemes that result in poor outcomes.
"They are drunks and drug addicts JRG....he hauls them down to the polling centers and instructs them to vote for liberal know the Rep of San Fran libtards that don't know a dollar they can't spend....and they're bankrupting Cal. " I defend the homeless from attempts to pass anti-vagrancy and anti-panhandling legislation. I advocate for alcohol-permitted "wet house" shelters. I encourage the homeless to become involved in politics and VOTE!
"And that will fix everything, because in leftie world printing 1 trillion dollars has no consequences at all. " There will be inflation of course, but that's really no biggie.
"Just print more money, yea, yea, that'll fix it! " We may be printing a very special platinum coin if you havent heard, and indeed that WILL fix everything. Of course the House and the GOP will feel left out but oh well.
This really isn't that big of a deal.
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