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Unlike a fetus I'm a productive member of society.
"Fairy a "teacher???' Some weeks ago he claimed to work for some ad agency... Guess Fairy can't keep his LIES straight. LOL" I am not a teacher. I had a T.A. position when I attended BYU.
..but they don't support the banning of abortion.
too true! When is the GOP going to realize that fetuses don't vote??
An unwanted pregnancy can be a heck of a burden. Today's women need options, and thankfully Barack's re-election will lead to a more ROE-friendly SCOTUS. :)
I am steadfast in my support of a woman's right to choose NO MATTER WHAT.
"As does the House Republicans elected primarily on their pledge not to raise taxes and to cut spending. " Barack is settling their hash as we speak.
"HarryReidsBangedSphincter, We always kneew you were a Marxist! " Nope.
Studies have shown that this isn't the case.
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