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Stalling Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

HarryReidAllAmerican Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 5:24 PM
"To Paul Ryan, Shut UP you MORON! shheesh....does Paul Ryan have a slobbering love affair with BIG government or what!!!! " The Closeted Ryan is a failed veep candidate and the member of the 112th congress which as an 11% approval rating. No political future for that awful smug fratboi, none at all.

UPDATE: Senator Harry Reid appeared on the floor of the Senate this evening announcing that there would be no vote tonight. He said that they will reconvene Monday morning at 11am. “There’s still significant distance between the two sides, but negotiations continue,” Reid said. “There’s still time left to reach an agreement, and we intend to continue negotiations.” With only one day left of the year, it is looking like a very slim chance the two sides can come together to reach a fiscal cliff deal.

UPDATE: Republicans have taken the CPI off the table in an effort to help negotiations....